Weight Loss

Effective, Healthy Weight Loss

Acheiving You the Results You Want

Our Weight Loss Program will help you lose weight in a healthy, sustainable weight way by focusing on your both your diet as well as your activity level and workouts.

  • Exercise: We show you how often to exercise and what kind of exercise to do.  Additionally, our personal trainers will be there with you for each of your workouts to motivate you and guide you through the workout.
  • Eating Plan: We advise you on what changes you need to make to your eating habits to ensure healthy, sustainable weight loss

Why Does Our Program Work?

You probably already realize that sustainable weight loss is about getting your eating habits right and being sufficiently active.  However, most people struggle to get the combination right:

  • How often do you need to exercise?
  • What is the right kind of exercise to help achieve weight loss?
  • Exactly how much should you eat?
  • What  foods really are the right foods and what combination?

Because we constantly deal with clients in the same situation as you, it very quickly allows us to identify what you need to change.  When we assess your exercise program, we have the luxury of having seen hundreds of other people’s and thus are able to advise you how your exercise habits stack up. Similarly, we can pretty quickly assess how effective your diet is.  Most importantly, we can identify what you need to change to get the most efficient results.

How Does Our Program Work?

One of our top quality trainers will work with you to get both your diet and your workouts into shape via:

  • Your trainer developing and implementing a customised workout plan designed to meet your specific goals and capabilities
  • You working out on a 1 to 1 basis with your trainer one to three times per week
  • Your trainer continually assisting you with improving your diet /eating habits to achieve your weight loss goals
  • Your trainer assisting you with what other workouts/ exercise / activity you should be doing in addition to your personal training sessions.

But I’m Really Unfit

Our personal trainers are some of the best in Singapore and they will be helping you every step of the way.  They’ll work out an activity plan for you, structure your workouts and be there at each workout with you to motivate you and to show you exactly what to do.

Your exercise program will start at a level that matches what you can do and then slowly build as you fitness and capabilities improve.

The Steps for Our Training

Step 1:  Asssment

We firstly assess where you are at right now and what your goals are (where you want to achieve from the program) .  This includes testing your current capabilities, understanding your current eating habits but also understanding your medical history, any physical limitations you may have (injuries etc) and any time limitations you have regarding your training.

Step 2: Program Development

Based on our findings from the Assessment, we develop a customized exercise program designed specifically for you and also work with you on what changes are needed to your eating habits.

Step 3: Program Execution and Continuous Fine Tuning and Enhancement

You will be allocated a trainer who will work with you on a 1 to 1 basis to help you execute your program.  Included within that will be:

  • 1-3 personal training sessions each week (depending on your timetable)
  • regular solo gym workouts
  • continual advice on your eating habits, diet and nutrition

How Much Does It Cost

The total cost of the program for the entire 3 months is $2,400.  This includes:

  • Your initial consultation and development of your eating plan, activity plan exercise program
  • Twenty Four  1 to 1 personal training lessons with your personal trainer
  • Periodic reviews and adjustments of your eating plan
  • Free Access to Utilize our Gym facilities for your own solo workouts as often as you like

Compare this to the cost of juicing cleanses, annual gym memberships you’ve signed up for in the past and not used, or some of the bogus weight loss “treatments” and you’ll see it is great value.  Compare it to the cost to your health of not doing it and it’s value is even more obvious.

How Do I Get Started

Send us an email or inquiry and we’ll arrange a time for one of trainers or managers to meet with you to better understand your circumstances and exactly what you are trying to achieve.  That will also give you a good feel for what the program and environment is like to ensure it seems right for you.