Weight Loss For Kids The Requirements

Requirements for Success

For the program we try to take care of as much as possible, but there are three key things you’ll need to do on your side for the program to be successful:

  • You will need to go shopping regularly to keep your fridge and pantry well stocked with healthy food options.

The surest way for you to deviate from the program is to have your child say “There is nothing to eat!” because you did not keep the fridge and pantry stocked. That will make you feel like a bad parent who is starving their kid and so you’ll go for a quick fix – which is likely to be an unhealthy one.  The easy remedy for this is simply make sure there are plenty of healthy options in the fridge and pantry.

  • You are going to have remove all the bad foods from your fridge and pantry.

You cannot leave chocolate bars in the fridge for dad to have when he feels like it but not expect your son or daughter to also want them. Similarly for allowing one sibling to eat unhealthy food at home but forcing the other to eat healthy. ALL the bad foods needs to be taken out of the food and pantry.  Apologies, but if you are not prepared to do this, any eating plan for your child is almost certainly doomed to failure.

  • You have to ensure your son or daughter follows the plan and that you do not offer them unhealthy alternatives.

We are taking the decision making away from your son or daughter until eating healthily becomes a habit and they are old enough to be able to make their own informed choices.

You CANNOT say yes to Macdonalds, or Hawker Centre food, or chocolates when your child asks for them – and every normal child will ask for them.  You instead need to simply say no and have them eat what is on the meal plan instead.  Remember, the meal plan is built around foods your child does eat and so it is not that you have to force them to eat food they hate.

Treat it as if your child has an allergy to Macdonalds, chocolate etc.  You were never let him or her eat chocolate if it caused an allergic reaction when they ate it – even if they asked repeatedly.  Nor would you let them have a beer or cigarette. Think the same way! You will definitely find when you have a clear, easy to follow food plan, it is much easier for you to have them follow it.  But it will still take some work as we guarantee they are going to ask for the bad stuff – because they are kids and it’s perfectly normal for them to want it.

We wish we could tell you that everything will be fine if you don’t follow these three requirements – but that’s just not the case. You’ll need to follow all three of these if you want your child’s weight to move back to a healthy range.