Weight Loss for Kids The Program


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As a parent, you truly want your kids to be at a healthy weight. However, getting them to that healthy weight is proving a lot harder than you ever thought possible.

We understand the exact issues you face and have developed a program to get them back in the healthy weight range – and to keep them there.

The program involves us doing a most of the hard work for you.

All you need to do is stick to the program steps and we guarantee your child’s weight will finally start moving in the right direction.

How It Works

We will develop a customized eating plan for your child which details exactly what they should eat for each and every meal – every day of the week. All you need to do is follow this plan and you will see your child’s weight begin to decrease gradually week after week.  VERY important to the success is that our meal plan is customized to your child to only include foods that they will in fact eat – it will not be some theoretical meal plan that you son or daughter is simply going to refuse to eat.

To make that happen we give you a ton of support – home visits, grocery shopping assistance, regularly checking the effectiveness of the plan and updating where necessary, regular weigh ins, recipe preparation and more. We make it simple, easy to follow and very effective.

Why Our Program Works

Imagine if your son or daughter was eating three healthy meals a day, of the right size and were not having any unhealthy stacks etc.    Their weight would become a thing of the past.  It is a simple concept, but you’ve found executing it incredibly difficult.  That is where we come in.

While your child is making the decision about what they have for lunch or dinner, or whether they have a desert or healthy snack, their diet is always going to be a problem.  Right now, they are making that decision too often and we’ll change that.  But very importantly, we’ll change that without you needed to have pitched battles with them every meal.

We customise the plan to be made up of foods YOUR son or daughter will eat. We don’t just mandate a set of healthy meals – we work with you and your child to develop a database of healthy foods they will in fact eat. From that database we build a set of meals and then a full blow meal plan.

We will then regularly review that the meal plan is working and make any changes necessary to ensure your child stays on track.

We also build a shopping list for you so that you know exactly what to buy each week. We’ll also give you specific recipes for any meals that require one and also keep all meal preparation to be fast and simple (no complex, difficult to prepare meals).

We’ll even do home visits to ensure your fridge and pantry and correctly stocked and configured and we’ll help you adjust them where necessary.

In summary, we will map out for you exactly what to have you child eat for each and every meal. All YOU need to do is follow that meal plan. It will easy to follow as every item on the plan will be foods that you child already eats and we’ll update it for any items causing major issues. To further assist, we’ll give you support around your shopping and meal prep to make everything as easy as possible. Again, all you need to do is follow through with the meal plan and we guarantee your child’s weight will begin moving steadily in downwards.

Limiting Their Choices

Kids are not equipped to make the right dietary decisions. Any normal six year or ten year old is going to say yes to sweets or fast food if offered them.  Then after you have offered them those foods regularly they start realizing they are an option – and so they move to the next step and begin asking for them (or even demanding them).

When you were six (or ten) and an adult offered you cake or chocolate, would you have said no? Of course not. If someone offers your son or daughter pizza, or chicken nuggets, or chicken rice it’s just not reasonable for expect them to say “No thanks, I’d prefer salmon and steamed vegetables”. After you have spent years building healthy eating habits you can expect them to make the appropriate dietary on their own – but you have to first do that.

The solution is removing the option to eat unhealthy food. By following our program and having a set meal plan, we completely remove the ability of your son or daughter to make the wrong choices. They can choose which foods they want within their meal plan – but they can only choose foods which are healthy. For the same reason you don’t let your ten year old decide whether they want a glass of wine after their lunch, don’t let them decide if they want Macdonalds or Roti Prata for lunch. Wine is not on the menu – and now Roti Prata, Macdonalds, soda and chocolates aren’t either.

Ultimately your kids will become capable of making the right food choices – but usually this occurs only after you’ve built good habits for them over a period of time.