Weight Loss For Kids The Mechanics

Exactly How It Works

We Get To Know Your Child’s Current Dietary Situation

Our first step is to do a consult with you and your child to get an understanding their current dietary habits – both good and bad.  We’ll also cover any medical issues that are relevant (such as any allergies they may have) and do a detailed questionnaire with you both on their eating habits, preferences and challenges.

We work out a set of healthy meals that YOUR child will actually eat

There is no point giving you a set of recommendations on what your child should eat or even a specific meal plan – unless all of the foods contained within it are foods they will in fact eat. We KNOW that trying to force your child to eat a food they hate is pushing water uphill. So instead we spend time with them identifying what foods are both healthy and acceptable to the kids.

Just this step itself is a lot of work! But it is one of the key factors for success.

We Make Sure the Meals and Snacks are Easy for You to Prepare

We know you’re busy and don’t have hours to spend preparing your son or daughter’s meals. So the meals we prescribe for them are all very easy and quick to prepare.

From that list of healthy meals, we design a customised eating plan for your child which identifies exact what they should eat each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Most kids, most regular kids, are not going to make the right decisions about what they should and should not eat if you leave the decision up to them.  Most normal eight year olds will choose Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Rice over a healthy sandwich. Similarly, your child is not abnormal or different if when given a choice of having an apple for a snack or a chocolate bar they chose the chocolate bar. But it is for exactly this reason that we do not allow children to make the decision on whether they want to drink alcohol etc until they become adults. So for the same reason, you need to take the dietary choices out of their hands – or at least limit their choices to an acceptable range.

So that is exactly what we do. We map out a list of acceptable foods, translate those into a set of meals and limit their eating to only those.

A normal six year old is going to say yes if you offer them a slice of cake almost every single time – regardless of whether you explain the health consequences of it. So don’t offer it to them!  Similarly for chicken rice, roti prata, Macdonalds, soda, chocolate etc. We take the decision making out of their hands and place it back into those of the adults.

We help you working out exactly how to stock your fridge and pantry with the right foods, and what foods you need to remove

Part of not offering bad food options to your kids is removing them from your fridge and pantry. If you don’t have chocolate bars in your fridge, you don’t have to worry about your child sneaking one in between meals while you’re not there or not looking.  If you don’t have unhealthy dinner options in the fridge, no-one is going to cook them and feed them to your son or daughter.

The other key part is making sure you have adequate healthy options in your fridge and pantry. No parent wants to hear “There is nothing to eat” when it is true. You feel like a failure as a parent that you have failed to provide food for your family and you resort to ordering takeout food – which is almost invariably unhealthy and fattening. So if your fridge and pantry is well stocked with healthy options, when you hear that heart tearing refrain “There is nothing to eat” – you can confidently walk to the fridge or pantry and point out all the options they have.

We follow up with you and your child regularly on how their meal plan is working and what needs to be changed

Even with careful planning and preparation, some part of the meal plans will need to be adjusted. Perhaps it turns out your child though one recipe would be tasty but found they hated it when eating it. So we need to replace that recipe/ meal with another option. Perhaps their lunch box is not keeping their food cool enough while they are school. Or maybe the fruit is getting squashed in their school bag. So we need to come up with solutions for these. Could be that they do like a certain food but are eating it too often and so are getting sick of eating it and need more options.

As we are sure you have experienced, not enough good options will almost invariably lead to bad options being taken.