Personal Training for Kids

Personal Training For Kids and Teens

Get Your Kids Fitter, Slimmer and Healthier

Making sure your son or daughter gets enough exercise is crucial to their well being.  Our package of 10 training sessions will help keep your child or teenager active in the most productive way possible:

  • they’ll be exercising to ensure they are getting fitter, stronger and managing their weight
  • we’ll teach them HOW to exercise correctly by showing them the right form and technique for all their exercises
  • our trainers will tailor the training to your child/ teenager’s specific needs – zeroing in on any specific weaknesses they have and addressing those (including weight loss as well as performance training)

Weight Loss

Getting your child or teen exercising regularly is critical to helping them lose weight and then stay at a healthy weight.  Their diet (what they eat) is also key and our trainers will also work with you and them to discuss how to adjust their diet in a healthy sustainable way.

Training Format

The sessions are 1 to 1 sessions with your child/ teenager and one of our experienced trainers.  Think of it as being similar to if you were doing a personal training session with your own personal trainer.  Where it is different from adult PT sessions though is:

  • we make the session content more varied and fun to ensure the kids stay interested and motivated
  • we do a lot more exercises that are body weight focused, generally avoid heavy weights and have a greater focus on building solid fundamentals, balance and conditioning.

Session Format and Pricing

The sessions are one hour each and as mentioned above are 1 to 1 sessions rather than group classes.   Timing wise, you can schedule them when it is convenient for your son or daughter to come by and we recommend they do 1 to 3 sessions each week.  If your child is doing two sessions per week, the package of 10 sessions will last approximately 5 weeks.

The sessions are $100 each.   There are no sign on fees, no registration fees, no GST etc.

Why Personal Training for Kids and Teens?

  • Most children and teens today are not doing sufficient exercise each day to maintain a healthy weight and fitness level.
  • Children getting enough exercise is crucial for their health, for their self-esteem and for their overall development.
  • Often parents today are so pressed for time they find it hard to ensure their kids are exercising enough.
  • As experts in fitness, we can get both your children in shape much faster than you could do yourself.

What Kinds of Training Do You Offer

We offer:

  • Weight Loss Programs which provide a solid basis in Exercise fundamentals; and
  • Performance training for those children and teens who already have the basics and are looking to excel.

We offer comprehensive personal training for kids and teenagers all year round but offer the condensed package of 10 sessions over the school holidays.

What Age Children Do You Train?

We offer training to kids and teens from 8 years and above. From that age their motor skills and co-ordination are sufficiently developed that they will benefit from coaching the correct form and technique for executing movements. The training program we offer for each child is tailored to that child’s specific needs and situation. So we utilize a completely different training program for a 10 year girl who is overweight versus a 15 year old boy who is under weight. We also utilize totally different exercises and programs for those who need to bed down the fundamentals of exercise vs those looking for performance training to take their performance to the next level.