Bridal Package

Look Awesome on Your Wedding Day


Every bride wants to look her best in her wedding dress and every groom wants to look his most dashing in his wedding suit or tux. But it’s not just what your wear that makes you look good – it’s how your wear it!  Our 12 week program will help you lose weight, reduce fat, tone muscle to look your absolute best in on your wedding day and in the wedding photos.

Our bridal package is a 12 week program designed for brides and grooms to maximize their:

  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Tone
  • Postural Improvements

Lose Fat, Tone Muscles and Improve Posture

Everyone wants to look great in their wedding dress or their tux, but crash dieting and other unhealthy methods are not the way to achieve that. You MAY be successful in losing some weight, but quite often you lose the wrong kind of weight and get sick in the process. Glowing, healthy brides and grooms look great, not sickly ones.

The right exercise, combined with a healthy diet to lose unnecessary fat and improve your muscle tone,  is best way to look good AND feel great.

Our Trainers

Our trainers are some of Singapore’s best and most capable. They will help you:

  • tone the body parts most important to you
  • burn unwanted fat and lose weight
  • show you how to improve your diet

We have a range of trainers (including male and female personal trainers) to allow us to best match your needs with their style and skillset.