3-Month Intensive Fat Loss & Toning Program

The Most Effective Personal Training You Have Ever Done

What is It?

Our Signature Intensive Fat Loss and Toning Program is a 3 month program designed to help you lose fat and improve your muscle tone as quickly as possible in a healthy manner. It is for people who want results and would like some assistance on the optimal way to achieve that combined with some motivation along the way.

How Does it Work?

Your training will be focused on helping you burn fat and build healthy lean tissue by executing an optimal combination of compound exercises – which will not only maximize your calorie burn, but also speed up your metabolism. Your trainer will help you not only for your 1 to 1 workouts, but also develop a comprehensive exercise and nutrition plan for you.

Included within this will be:

  • twice weekly 1 to 1 personal training sessions with one of our top quality trainers
  • advice, guidance and planning by your trainer on what exercise/ workouts to be doing in between your PT sessions: both in and outside the gym
  • nutrition planning and guidance to get your diet and eating habits on track
  • postural assessments and corrections
  • guidance on exactly how to perform all the exercises and movements with the correct form and technique
  • periodic body composition and performance analysis and reviews to ensure you are on track

Your training will also have a strong emphasis on your well being and health – which means making sure you are progressing you at a safe pace, ensuring you are exercising with the right technique, correcting any posture or movement pattern issues and recommending healthy sustainable dietary options.

Our Trainers

Our trainers are some of Singapore’s best and most capable. They are significantly better than most trainers you will deal within the commercial gyms – because they are better trained and focused on your training rather than a sales target.

We have a range of trainers (including male and female personal trainers) to allow us to best match your needs with their style and skillset.

Can I do a Free Trial First to Ensure I Like It?

Yes you can and our trials are very popular.  They are not intimidating, not tough (it’s your first session, we need to ease you into your program, not kill you on day one!) and we guarantee you’ll learn plenty.

And best of all – it’s totally free and we promise no hard sell etc.  So come along and try it out!

That Sounds Great, But Do You Have Something Less Intense?

While training 4-6 times per week will maximize your results, it is not for everyone.  If you would prefer a program that is great for your health, fitness but it is a little less intensive, try our 12 Week Trim and Tone Package.

Performance Benefits of Using a Trainer

Often people think a great workout is all about working up a good sweat.  Unfortunately that is just not the case – the results from a well structured and executed program will be dramatically different from the routines most people follow.  Using a trainer will help ensure your program is right and will also help you implement it effectively.

Our Trainers will help you ensure

  • you are doing the right exercises (your overall program is correct)
  • they are doing the exercises correctly (good technique)
  • you are working out at the right intensity, both to maximize your results – but also to minimize your chance or injury or burnout.