12 Week Trim & Tone Package

12 Weeks to Shape Your Body

What is It?

Our 12 week program is designed to help you trim unwanted fat, tone your muscles to ensure you look AND feel fantastic via working with one of our excellent trainers on a tailored exercise and nutrition plan.

How Does it Work?

We’ll start with doing a comprehensive assessment of where you are right now on your fitness journey and understand in detail exactly what your goals are for moving forwards.  From there we’ll map out the right path to take you from your current capabilities to your desired goals.

Included within this will be:

  • twice weekly 1 to 1 personal training sessions with one of our top quality trainers
  • nutrition planning and guidance to get your diet and eating habits on track
  • postural assessments and corrections
  • development and then implementation of customized training program
  • guidance on exactly how to perform all the exercises and movements with the correct form and technique
  • periodic body composition and performance analysis and reviews to ensure you are on track

Your training will be focused on helping you achieve your weight loss and toning goals but will also have a strong emphasis on your well being and health – which means making sure you are progressing you at a safe pace, ensuring you are exercising with the right technique, correcting any posture or movement pattern issues and recommending healthy sustainable dietary options.

Our Trainers

Our trainers are some of Singapore’s best and most capable. They are significantly better than most trainers you will deal within the commercial gyms and we have a range of trainers (including male and female personal trainers) to allow us to best match your needs with their style and skillset.

Motivation Via Positive Encouragement and Support

We focus on improving your abilities, not dwelling on your inabilities.  Our goal is to get you healthy, happy and looking great.  To do that, we believe the best path is to offer you motivation and assistance that lifts you up and encourages you to give your best – not to make you feel bad about yourself.  We are going to push you a little and encourage you to give that little extra, but you’re going to feel great doing it!

Can I do a Free Trial First to Ensure I Like It?

Yes you can and our trials are very popular.  They are not intimidating, not tough (it’s your first session, we need to ease you into your program, not kill you on day one!) and we guarantee you’ll learn plenty.

And best of all – it’s totally free and we promise no hard sell etc.  So come along and try it out!

Why gym n tonic?

Personal Training is the cornerstone of our business and so everything we do is geared towards making our Personal Training as effective as possible.

Our gyms are designed around what will deliver you real results –  compound exercises utilizing free weights and your own body weight  – so our gyms are built around these principals rather than being filled with machines.

You do not have to be a gym junkie or body builder to be feel comfortable at our gyms.  While we have everything a competitive athlete needs to stay in great shape, our gyms are designed to maximize the results for a regular person trying to improve their health and physique.

We don’t set our personal trainers any sales targets, we instead focus on hiring the best trainers we can and then having them deliver the best training programs they can.

What If I am Traveling

Your personal training sessions are designed to be used up within the 12 week period.  However, if life gets in the way and you do not use up all your sessions within the 12 weeks they are valid for 6 months from when you start your program – leaving you plenty of time to use them all.