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More than 5,350 One to One Client Personal Training Sessions delivered to date!

Our Trainers are Better – Your Results will Be Too

Where we stand apart from others is in the quality of our personal trainers – they are exceptional. However, you do not need to be super fit or skilled to take advantage of that. Instead, our focus is helping everyday people get fitter, stronger and leaner.

The Benefit of A Scheduled Session

With the hectic schedules most people have today too often their workouts get missed as work gets busy etc.  By having an appointment already in place with your trainer, you are much more likely to make it to your workout.  Additionally, when you arrive at the gym, it is great to have someone there to encourage AND motivate you.

Performance Benefits of Using a Trainer

Often people think a great workout is all about working up a good sweat.  Unfortunately that is just not the case – the results from a well structured and executed program will be dramatically different from the routines most people follow.  Using a trainer will help ensure your program is right and will also help you implement it effectively.

Our Trainers will help you ensure

  • you are doing the right exercises (your overall program is correct)
  • they are doing the exercises correctly (good technique)
  • you are working out at the right intensity, both to maximize your results – but also to minimize your chance or injury or burnout.

What We Do Differently Versus Other Gyms

Personal Training is the cornerstone of our business and so everything we do is geared towards making our Personal Training as effective as possible.

Our gyms are designed around what will deliver you real results –  compound exercises utilizing free weights and your own body weight  – so our gyms are built around these principals rather than being filled with machines.

You do not have to be a gym junkie or body builder to be feel comfortable at our gyms.  While we have everything a competitive athlete needs to stay in great shape, our gyms are designed to maximize the results for a regular person trying to improve their health and physique.

We don’t set our personal trainers any sales targets, we instead focus on hiring the best trainers we can and then having them deliver the best training programs they can.

Our Core Training Beliefs

  • For a training program to be effective, it needs to be tailored to your specific needs and capabilities
  • Teaching you the right form and technique for all your exercises is vital
  • Effective fat loss and muscle tone improvements are best achieved from compound exercises utilizing free weights and your own body weight
  • A focus on correcting muscle imbalances and mobility issues is important for allowing you to continue to live and exercise effectively
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