Workout 5 Moves of Boom

5 Moves of Boom

A back to basics charge towards your fitness goals!

You’re living in Singapore, finding yourself continuously stretched for time. What if even workouts are compromised, forcing you to select between exercises during shortened periods of time? Or what if you were tasked to get stronger or fitter like right now, with limited preparatory time?

Thankfully, we have assessed and highlighted these five basic movements that not only aid more efficient gym sessions, but also play major roles in strength and/or fitness gains. Building fitness plans around these five compound exercises (movements using multiple joints per time) will see one inevitably grow stronger while creating a solid weightlifting foundation.

Weighted Squat

A tight butt, toned quads and carved calves- just a small amount of the benefits that arrive as a result of doing the almighty weighted squat. The quintessential lower body workout, the squat also works your stomach and back muscles as they become destabilised during the descent and ascent motions!

Overhead Press

Shoulders are the primary targets of this visually action-packed exercise, though it also develops the neck, trapezius, arms and a good chunk of the upper back. Can be done on bench, but for advanced lifters, the standing variation (with dumbbells or a barbell)  is a more challenging and effective alternative.


An assembly of muscles are waiting to be activated. Practically the entire posterior chain (from neck to heel) of muscle groups gets worked, along with the arms and chest even! An extremely valuable manner of achieving so much out of a relatively simple motion, though if you have reservations trying it out for the first time, feel free to approach any of our trainers for assistance!

Bench Press

The mos popular of all upper body movements- working the chest, shoulders and triceps. A tip for this classic exercise is for one to lower the bar in a slow, contracting manner, completely stretching and sending muscle fibers into disarray, helping with added strength gain.


Move over, bicep curls. Why isolate when you can hit a larger target group? Watch your back get increasingly toned, steadily increasing your core and arm strength in the process. For those who are struggling with this admittedly challenging workout, utilise our assistance bands or an incline/TRX variation to add to them back and bicep gains!