Recipe Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burrito Recipe

Wraps featuring wholesome content in an awesomely healthier take on a breakfast burrito. Beans bump up the fiber, while zucchini carries lower calories than its peers.


– Non-stick cooking spray
– ½ cup sliced/shredded zucchini
– An egg (or two)
– Whole-wheat tortilla
– ¼ cup black beans
– ¼ cup shredded cheese
– Salsa/Chili Sauce


  • Spray non-stick across the pan and sauté the zucchini until tender, or for about 5 minutes. Remove the veggies from pan.
  • Spray the pan and fry/scramble the egg (or two). Remove egg(s).
  • Next, heat the tortilla in the pan for a little while, topping with black beans and the shredded cheese. Continue to the last step once the wrap is browned or when the cheese melts.
  • Add egg(s) and zucchini, and then roll up the wrap!