Article Full Body Workouts

All in!  Why Full-Body Workouts Are So Effective

Whether you are venturing into your first fitness foray or you’re looking to burst through plateaus as a tenured gym member, here are some pretty cool reasons why the full-body approach to training days might be best for you!

Increased Fat Burn

One burns a whole lot more calories in a full-body workout session as compared to a regular isolated bodypart session (arms, legs day). Major muscle groups come under tension from all the compound movement, utilising more muscle movement and increased fat burn.

More Muscle

While isolation work may be great for advanced lifters or serious body composition fanatics, overzealous attempts at hypertrophy may not be ideal for all, especially those with commitment issues. With full-body workouts, you’re working all the given muscle groups at least two to three times over a week, leaving less body parts neglected, while growing said muscle groups faster.

Get Stronger

Compound workouts utilise multiple muscle groups, requiring the most effort to perform. By working on your weighted squats, deadlifts and bench presses, you can and probably will challenge yourself to pile on added weight with each workout- simply making you stronger in the process, in arguably a much faster time than your peers who’re still stuck endlessly curling a dumbbell.

Time Management

The effort expended in total body workouts call for extended rest periods. Get more done for your body in less time, and instead of chasing split sets that are beneficial for serious athletes and bodybuilders, get everything done at once…then reap its rewarding and longer down times.

Bust Boredom

It is a whole lot more fun than zeroing in on specific muscle groups, which can be tedious or boring. Clean and jerk or bear-crawls are fun and effective full body workouts that can be a lot more time effective and fun to learn and perform correctly as compared to continuously enacting dry tricep pull-downs.