Gym Membership

In addition to our market leading personal training, we also offer regular gym membership (where you workout by yourself rather than using a personal trainer).

Hours of Use

6:30am to 10pm, 7 Days per Week


The one membership price gives you access to both our South Bridge Road and our Katong gym.

Membership Rates

12 Month Membership
$100 Per Month
6 Month Membership
$150 Per Month

One time Joining Fee: $99

Student Membership Rates

Our Student Membership rates are 50% (half price) of our regular membership rates.

Student Membership Restrictions:

  • Only available to students studying full time.
  • Gym use is not available to students from 6pm to 10pm Monday to Friday.

Personal Training

We offer personal training services to our gym members who wish to get assistance maximizing the effectiveness of their workouts.  Our personal trainers are among the very best in Singapore and can help you:

  • Develop  customized program to achieve your personal goals;
  • Assist you implementing your program;
  • Teach you the correct form and technique for each specific exercise within your program;
  • Provide invaluable dietary guidance.