Client Reviews

What our clients say

I really did not know what to expect as I had never had personal training before and hardly exercised before last year. However, what happened in the 3 months far surpassed any expectations I had and I can only describe the experience as life changing.
Gym n Tonic is a great small gym with a welcoming, warm atmosphere and helpful and encouraging trainers. It is a much more comfortable environment to be in than a lot of the bigger gyms, and a great place to be whether you are just starting out, or are well on your way with your exercise journey. I would strongly recommend Gym n Tonic to anyone.
This place is a secret hidden gem that I am so lucky to have discovered!
A small but well equipped gym with a big heart that is fueled by passion.
This year I started PT sessions with GnT to rehabilitate my back. It is amazing. You read of trainers who go through the motions or dish out generic workouts that “kill” because they are simply not tailored for individual clients in mind.. But NOT my trainer!
GnT staff are always ready to assist when needed or when I have any questions regarding fitness and nutrition. At the same time, they allow me all the privacy to complete my workouts with no interruptions or intrusions.
I used to go to one of the popular gym brands in Singapore and took a personal training program with them. Frankly speaking, I didn’t see much improvement in terms of weight loss nor physical fitness even though I was dieting too for over a year. I felt it was a waste of money.

At Gym n Tonic I look forward to come to my session every week. I also can feel that I am stronger than before , flatter tummy and my fiancee called me “an athlete” now. hahaha…I don’t think I am at that level yet but I hope eventually I can reach that level of fitness.

This is a boutique gym with vibrant facilities and awesome people.