About Gym n Tonic

More than 5,350 One to One Client Personal Training Successfully Delivered!

Exceptional trainers partnered with everyday people

Where we stand apart from others is in the quality of our personal trainers – they are exceptional. However, you do not need to be super fit or skilled to take advantage of that. Instead, our primary focus is on helping everyday people who want to get fitter, stronger and leaner do exactly that. We certainly have clients who are high level competitive athletes. But you’ll feel equally welcome and comfortable with us even if you have never set foot in a gym before.

What we do

Our gyms are boutique gyms which focus on providing top quality personal training via our hand-picked trainers. We also make our facilities available to regular members who wish to utilize the facilities themselves on a regular basis.

Where we are

47 South Bridge Road (Near Boat Quay)
188-9 Tanjong Katong Road (Near the SPC Petrol Station)
A welcoming environment

We believe the key to working out regularly is feeling comfortable and welcome where you do your workouts. That’s crucial because the key to getting and staying fit and healthy is working out regularly. So if you feel welcome and comfortable at your gym, you are more likely to go and more likely to stay healthy.

What do we think makes a welcome environment?
  • A place where those trying to get into shape feel as welcome as those who are already in shape and staying that way
  • No hard selling
  • Friendly staff
  • Clean, well maintained high quality equipment and facilities

We are not a body-building gym

We have a ton of respect for body builders and their discipline and work ethic. However, our gyms are not designed for body builders. Instead, they are tailored to making our members stronger, healthier, more functionally capable – and in most cases leaner. Our goal is to make you stronger and healthier, not to make you huge. The reality is most of our clients are looking to lose weight and tone up in a healthy manner rather than get huge. Sure, plenty of them would love to have (or maintain) six pack abs, super toned glutes or a great set of pecs and arms – but most of them are not looking to look like The Rock.

Our Training Philosophy

We are not big believers in the rows and rows of machines you see in most commercial gyms. Whether you are a lady or a guy, we believe you will get much better results focusing on key body weight exercises and utilizing kettle bells, dumbbells, barbells etc (free weights).

We believe that:

  • Good movement patterns and good posture are critical to living and working out well;
  • Compound exercises utilizing free weights and your own body weight will do a lot more for you than most machines;
  • Moderate to high intensity exercises programs are a great cornerstone for your fitness routine, but they should only be done to an intensity that allows you to maintain good form throughout and should be supplemented with low intensity recovery sessions;
  • A focus on correcting muscle imbalances and mobility issues is important for allowing you to continue to live and exercise effectively;
  • Training programs that only focus on one aspect of your fitness (e.g. steady state cardio exercises) rarely deliver well rounded fitness results